How to Maintain a Website: Easy 101

Do you perform regular website maintenance? In the digital world, your website is a valuable asset that represents your brand. Your website is also a place to share expertise and allow safe business transactions to occur with ease.

Knowing how to maintain a website is crucial in order to ensure the trust and loyalty of your customers.

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A young man stands at his desk and works on the computer learning how to maintain a website.

Protect Your Website From Malicious Attacks

The most critical step for website maintenance is to protect it from viruses, malware, and hackers. There are several programs you can use to prevent possible malicious attacks on your website.

One of these is using a web-firewall software program to protect your website from malicious harm. The website firewall provides an extra layer of protection from hackers, preventing them from stealing your personal information.

It’s also helpful to install anti-virus and anti-spyware programs to boost the security of your website. Be sure to use the right password to protect your computer files. Use a variation of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols to keep your website secure.

Use a Website Service

To ensure the easy functionality of your website, you can hire a professional service. A professional can partner with you to provide an optimized, website design that improves site performance and enhances the user’s experience.

Having a tech team in your corner keeps you vulnerable from website downtimes and the subsequent risk of losing prospects who visit (then bounce from) your website. Not to mention the peace of mind you get knowing that users are happily navigating your website and reading the information you provide.

Update Your Website With Fresh Content

Fresh content has a great impact on your website. What does content have to do with how to maintain a website, you might ask.

Well, the more robust, meaningful content you provide to your audience, the more you build their trust as an industry leader. Beyond being an industry leader, because what really is that these days, you establish credence with your customers.  

Engaging content is also crucial for your website to rank in search engines and for you to gain a constant flow of traffic. With fresh content, your website will continue to remain relevant in popular search engines like Google and Bing.

If you’re unable to create new content you can hire a professional blogger or copywriter. Check with your web designer or marketer to see if they offer these services.  A blogger can update your website with exciting news and videos, and trends that pertain to your industry.

A professional can also write about new products or discounts that you’re promoting. Bloggers are very creative and have the skills to write all types of content. Be sure to hire a writer that knows your industry, writes fluently in your language, and grasps your brand’s tone.

Good writing should generate topics in your niche and help you to attract a target audience to your business.

Perform Regular Website Backups

Each time you update your website with new content, you should perform regular backups. This reinforcement is a key component on how to maintain a website.

Some website hosts may offer scheduled backups as part of your hosting plan. Check with your host to find out what services they offer and which WordPress plugins best complement your plan.

It’s always a good idea to do independent backups so you’re confident that you have the latest version of your website on reserve. Backups can prevent data loss, restore your website content after a server crash, and protect against hackers and other vulnerabilities.

Keeping multiple backups is a practical strategy to ensure your website’s safety. If you should lose one website backup, you can rely on other backups that you already have. Most plugin and software offer a storage log with the option of automatic or manual deletion.

Check Your Website Speed

Do you need to improve your website speed? According to experts, 2 to 5 seconds is a preferable load time for a website.

The load time of your web pages can affect your website conversions, its visibility, and its responsiveness. The better your website performs, the more trusted it is as an authority in your field. The more trust you establish, the larger the customer base you build for your business.

Regular testing of your website’s speed identifies significant issues to help the web pages to load faster. Once you do the web testing, you can make the necessary adjustments.

Maintaining a website requires you to take certain actions to increase your website’s speed.

Follow these techniques to increase site speed:

1. Enable compression to reduce the time it takes to download your JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files.

2. Optimize your photographic images using the JPG format. You should be certain that your images are the right size for your website.

It is also beneficial for you to compress your image files to make them easier to load for your website visitors. Using vector logos makes sizing on all devices a breeze while keeping the image crisp.

3. If you’re using WordPress, try to avoid the excessive use of plug-ins and extensions. A bloated site moves sluggishly through the web.

So, you can remove the features that you’re not using to improve your website speed.

4. Always check your website for broken links and redirects. Use a plugin to find broken links and redirects them appropriately. This is an effective way to improve website performance.

Keep Your Website User-Friendly

The regular maintenance of your website gives you the assurance that your website will operate more efficiently. It also gives you the confidence that you will not lose valuable customers due to website issues.

Do you need more ideas on how to maintain a website to achieve your business goals?

How to Maintain a Website?

Call in the Experts

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