Our Process

In order to build the robust and engaging website you need,

ThreeEightsDesign will act as your partner through the following process:

Discovery Session
This is our opportunity to learn about where your business is and where you want your business to be. We'll collaborate via video chat to establish goals for the website and how they fit into the bigger business purpose. Examples of priority website goals:

  • Provide clear, engaging information to your audience.
  • Point FaceBook and other Social Media Platforms to website.
  • Increase sales calls and emails.
  • Create and build a sustainable email list
These website goals drive social engagement, lead capture, and increased sale. Other goals to consider are community value goals (charity), public relations, company culture, etc.

Research Phase
Once we've established the website goals,  Three Eights Design will research to identify opportunities. This will include:

  • Data analysis - A) Evaluate existing content as well as any website and Social Media data available to understand user engagement and opportunities for improvement. B) Research competitors to learn which keywords they're ranking for, scan trends and get a feel of your likes.
Strategy Cycle

Once we've completed the Research Phase, we'll create a comprehensive strategy for your website. 

Nailing the strategy is important because (most) anyone can throw a website onto the internet. But if the website doesn't work for you, meaning attract potential clients and turn potential clients into repeat business, then it's just a pretty art project.

Site Strategy is where logic and creativity meet, and things get fun.

This strategy will be driven by the insights gained from both the Discovery and Research stages, and will utilize white hat SEO and B2B SaaS website best practices.

Launch Pad Design

Based on HubSpot Academy's growth-driven design strategies, Three Eights Design has formulated a quick-release master schema that keeps your current site active while allowing your prototype to act as an interactive test site. 

We do this by creating a one page website design of your future full-scale site that will adhere to the brand's style guide.

Style guides include fonts, color palette, and logo--and have a full navigation bar leading users to sections on the page. For example, when the "About Us" is clicked, the page scrolls to the About section. Same with Contact, Services, etc.

This allows us to see what works well and what doesn't while the full site is being built in the background. Your site indexing and ranking are undisturbed, and the transition is gradual to your audience.
After iterations and final changes, we get the green light for development.


Once the Design is approved, we develop the website on WordPress, using the Elementor Pro page builder and other essential premium plug-ins.

Using a CMS like WordPress combined with Elementor page builder makes it quicker to develop, and easier for you to update the website however you need. WordPress provides trust and future flexibility by keeping its software clean and updated.

We preform both cross-browser and user engagement testing during this phase to ensure compatibility and ease of use. For eCommerce sites, we wrap up with sandbox testing to ensure the payment gateway functions seamlessly.


It's time to go live. First, we'll hop on a video chat and walk through your website with you. We'll make any final changes you may request, and once you sign-off on it, push your website to the internet.

And just to put you over the moon, we'll schedule a basic training session with you so you get the hang of how to edit your website when needed.