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Web Design

Secure, responsive and customized websites ensure your brand has a noticeable online presence.

Digital Marketing

Website SEO services deliver an elegant solution for those seeking growth and business opportunities on the Web.

Web Maintenance

Our premium website maintenance package is customized to your needs and delivered monthly in a client report. 

Purpose-driven Design 

What a radical concept

Once upon a deep meditation, when one should simultaneously allow for thought yet not think at all, it occurred to the design sages that the world wide web would benefit from websites that acted with intention. And so it was.  

Your design affects your website rankings and determines the strength of your online presence. Your web design also affects how search engines perceive your website and how online users respond to your brand. This makes purpose-driven design an important factor in the success of your business.

Radical. Remarkable. Authentic.


Our website maintenance plan includes:

  • Top-level security
  • Daily performance monitoring
  • Core and plugin updates
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Nightly site backups
  • Optimization monitoring
  • Link monitoring
  • 1 tech rescue per month

You can cancel the subscription at any time.

Three Eights Design encourages empowered engagement and candid presence. We believe that people are the core elements of any business, which is why we cultivate meaningful relationships with our clients and build heart-centered designs for a range of brands.

Our Pricing

Our website design pricing depends on a range of factors including the number of pages, your brand’s needs, content upload, website maintenance, and more.

Our basic websites start around $3,000.

Please fill out the project inquiry form to schedule a discovery session and receive a free quote.

Non-Profit Inquiry

We work privately and with local civic tech organizations to give our time, skill, and love to the local nonprofit organizations that keep our communities strong.

If you are a nonprofit in need of design or tech support, please fill out the nonprofit project inquiry form.

We thank you for your dedication and look forward to hearing from you.

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